Regardless of whether it is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or their birthday or anniversary, most people have always wanted to know the time left until a special event or a date that has a special significance for them.

How Many Days is a lightweight program that enables you to have the pending days until an important event in your life displayed in the Windows' taskbar.

Although it entails decompressing the archive and installing the program, the setup is intuitive, quick and does not require unusual attention on your part. The application comes with an unpolished and simplistic interface that consists of a small window.

The UI does not include too many options, meaning that you can select the desired date, set it or hide the form. Alternatively, if you were just curious about the time left until your vacation or wedding anniversary for instance, then you can exit the app after you learned the information you were interested in.

If you are using Windows 7 or older operating systems, then there is a chance you are not able to see the countdown in the taskbar.  In this case, you can access the Properties that the Never Combine option is selected for the buttons.

The functionality is as simple as it gets, meaning that you can see the counter after you have selected the desired date. You should know that the app comes with a standard calendar that allows you to browse through months and years seamlessly.

Option wise, you can specify if you prefer the program to start automatically when Windows starts or the countdown should displays days only or you want to view the years as well. On a side note, it would have been nice if the utility could reveal more than just one counter at a time.

In the eventuality that you want to have a non-intrusive countdown on your desktop or are just curious about the time left until your birthday, then perhaps How Many Days could lend you a hand.