Monitoring applications are amongst the most versatile and practical software solutions that can increase the productivity of your workers but also to give you a first person view of what they are doing wrong so you know how to help them fix those problems.

HT Employee Monitor is an application that has such a purpose. With it you can remotely view a real-time feed of a computer’s screen, receive a log of an employees'’ browsing history, record keystrokes, track used applications and capture screenshots.

While all of the above are merely monitoring functions, the application also enables you to take action in case any of the provided reports point out to misuse of work time and resources. HT Employee Monitor enables you to block websites using filters but you can very well type in the exact name of the restricted websites. You also get to deny the use of installed applications that may cause people to get distracted, such as media players.

Since some users might not have a trustworthy amount of computer knowledge and may risk damaging their workstations, the application makes it possible for you to remove their access privileges to the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs section, Task Manager, Registry Editor and Command Prompt.

Hiding the application from the targeted personnel isn’t a problem as it runs in stealth mode. If found, it’s removal can be hindered by a password that you can set.

The reports that HT Employee Monitor generates are sent to you via email automatically at a time interval you set. Depending on what interests you, you can choose to receive reports for application use, websites visited, search queries or any combination of them.

With the above to consider and much more to discover, HT Employee Monitor is definitely an essential monitoring solution for anyone who wants to keep track of how a computer is being used.