HTA to EXE Converter is a simple software application which helps people convert HTA documents into EXE files, while also adding registration limits or copyright information.

Upon finalizing a surprise-free installation process, you are met by a simple interface, developed with several tabs, so that you can access the options available faster.

With this utility, you can easily input the application title, enable mouse right-click menu, open a specified website after closing the window, as well as append a photograph before or after playing the HTA. To be more exact, you can upload PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, ICO, EMF and WMF files and auto close it after a user-input number of seconds.

It is possible to add an expiry condition to your file (after a few plays or days) and trigger an action when this condition has been met (close, show a message and navigate to a website etc.). In addition to that, you can enable registration for you HTA, add embedded fonts and do not allow particular programs to run while it is playing.

All of these configurations can be saved as default, and after you have finished tweaking them, you can simply click the “Convert” button and open output folder. The duration of this process varies, as it depends on the number of options you have chosen, size of uploaded file and your computer’s performance.

To sum up, HTA to EXE Converter is a pretty decent piece of software, which does not put a strain on your computer, as it uses low CPU and memory. Response time is good and our tests did not reveal any errors, crashes or bugs.