For those who leave their computer on in the background often, having a screensaver that is more useful than decorative might have some appeal. Huge Clock is an application designed to provide users with a fullscreen clock that is large enough to be read from further away than the standard system tray clock.

The application requires no expertise to use: once installed, as soon as Huge Clock is open, it automatically synchronizes to the system tray time. The program accesses the calendar information and displays it all in a fullsized screen that cannot be interacted with. Unfortunately, the application is very limited due to this quick setup time, with almost no real options.

Huge Clock comes with very few settings, users can change the font of the various different lines of information, the date, time and day. The background color can also be changed and there is an additional option to display the second time as well. The only other options involve changing the style of the text to bold or italic. The application could at least have an alarm clock feature built in that would make it slightly more useful.

The application has a value cost attached to it and it can be very hard to justify that value. There are other apps or even websites that perform a similar function with no cost attached and, given the lack of an alarm feature, the application feels incomplete.

Unfortunately, the application gives the impression the developer has not taken his own work seriously and there are a few extra features it could easily have that might improve it. Aside from an alarm clock feature, a 12 or 24 hour clock version would be welcome. The option to disable the date or the day and perhaps the ability to have the time appear on an image, instead of a colored background, would make the application interesting.

To summarize, the application is not worth paying money for and could easily be replaced with various completely free versions. The fact that Huge Clock is a screensaver technically and not a fullscreen program means it offers some advantages to being left on for long periods of time, but that is its only advantage. It is missing several features that are expected from a clock application, so, in short, a hard application to recommend.