HYPr StoryMaker creates truly inspired StoryBoards, astonishing Outlines, fantastic Children's Stories, informative Tutorials, amazing Comics, and dynamic eBooks, instantly .....

Enjoy complete creative freedom with unlimited pages and perpetual editing.

StoryBoards are a tool creative authors use to help them develop their ideas into a finished product. The classic concept of a storyboard is the visual outline cartoonists and movie directors use to plan each step of a production, but in concept, storyboarding is used by many people to develop a concept or to present a concept to others. The most enduring storyboard of all time is the coffee shop napkin.

To be successful a digital storyboard program has to be easy to use and understand and it must never interfere with the creative process it is designed to help. To be really useful it must be designed to encourage creativity freedom and make it easy to explore many different concepts. It also must be capable of instantaneous changes and revisions. If it can't perform better than a coffee shop napkin who would want to use it?

With GoldPanner's StoryMaker you'll discover what complete creative freedom is. Not only can you produce a graphic representation of your ideas quickly and easily, you also have the ability to edit and re-edit any page.. even after it's saved.

Writers and Authors of all ages will find StoryMaker exciting, inspirational and highly addictive. Whether you are a seasoned writer or a budding author you'll discover a world of creative freedom you never thought was possible. The ability to "Click and Drag" is the only skill required to use this software. The graphic structure of StoryMaker is so easily understood that the learning curve for the program is almost non-existent.

Parents will appreciate the ability of StoryMaker to encourage their children to do something constructive with their time on the computer besides playing games. StoryMaker is not one of those educational software packages that children instinctively hates to use because it's good for them.

Children will find StoryMaker both fun and challenging. With help or instruction they'll be able to add their own actors and props to make their stories really relevant to them. Downloading the simple tutorial on this subject will show them how to add friends, family or even their favorite movie actors or cartoon characters to their stories. Using email, they'll be able to share actors, props and completed stories with family and friends.

Educators in particular will be amazed at the ability of this program to encourage spontaneity and creative expression in young students. Within minutes students can be producing their own stories with multiple characters, props and story lines. The pages will simply flow one after another as students easily move characters around in endless combinations.

Teachers will also love the ability to add their own characters and props to the program folders. By developing their own actors and props for each lesson, teachers can add direction and content control. For example; they could pre load the Background, Actors and Props folders to reflect contemporary, historical, mythical or any other subject they want to their students to explore.


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