Accidentally deleting important files doesn't necessarily mean that they're gone forever. Depending on several technical aspects concerning the way they were removed from the PC, it's possible to turn to third-party tools that specialize in data recovery. Once such app is intuitively called iBeesoft Data Recovery.

The application comes in two flavors but both of them have limited features: the free version is not really free since it limits the amount of data which can be extracted from the disk, while the demo version doesn't permit data recovery at all. However, the important matter is that both editions are identical, and both of them become "iBeesoft Data Recovery" once the registered mode is activated.

Following a speedy setup procedure, you're greeted by a clean and attractive interface, where the supported types of recoverable files are listed: emails, documents, photos, audio, video, and others (such as archives or ISO images). By default, all of them are taken into account for scanning. However, you can deselect any content type to exclude it from the search and speed up the task.

In the next step, it's necessary to choose a drive to check for recoverable data. Only one drive can be scanned at once and, in addition to the local hard disk, iBeesoft Data Recovery is capable of scanning external devices, like digital cameras, memory cards or MP3 players. The supported filesystems are: NTFS, NTFS5, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, ext2, ext3, and HFS+.

During scan, the tool reconstructs the original folder structure so that you can quickly look for lost files in known places. Another view is available for files by type, along with a search function that covers the list of results. If the scan fails, you can try a deep scan mode. It's significantly lengthier but more thorough.

Besides the file name, date, type and size, you can preview text, photos and file structures (thanks to hexadecimal display). Once you find the objects of interest, you just have to make a file selection and pick a folder to save to. As a general rule, it's recommended to extract files to a different partition than their initial places.

The application is wrapped in an eye-catching interface and provides straightforward, easy-to-use understand options. It managed to identify and recover files deleted from the PC a while back. Unfortunately, iBeesoft Data Recovery failed to recover files that we just removed from the disk, even in deep scan mode.