iCalendar Desktop is a software that creates calendars for your web site, Printer, and Adobe PDFs.

iCalendar runs on your PC and allows you to create and maintain calendars of events. Calendars can be shared over your local network, posted to a web site, printed to a printer, and used to create PDF files.

With iCalendar Desktop you will be able to increase productivity and eliminate the need for duplication, you will take care of your calendar and scheduling needs.

Enter your calendar events once, and enjoy output in all these formats.

iCalendar Desktop is the perfect solution for any organization to share a calendar of events with employees, members, or the public.


■ Only one month of calendar pages can be generated.

■ Calendar title can not be changed.

■ A maximum of 15 events can be entered

■ All calendar pages created will be labeled as 'Trial Version'.

■ The leave calendar link leads to the iCalendar web site.