There are many applications on the Internet that you could use in order to manage all sort of information on your computer. One of them is iChronos.

It's a neat software solution that allows you to organize personal information and create projects or store contacts. It also lets you manage and create tasks, notes, documents and set reminders, so you wouldn't forget about important things that you need to attend to.

The application sports a really intuitive but complex graphical interface that gives you access to various sections and tools that you can check out. It installs quickly, but you will need to pick from two installation modes.

Choose between default installation of the program on your computer or portable installation to the USB flash drive. It's available in multiple languages, including English and Russian.

You can make some general adjustments to the application before you get started, have it run at Windows startup, load last project at startup or autosave projects. You can also minimize the application to system tray, show icons or save a log with all actions taken inside the application.

You can adjust he font size and style throughout the program, change the scene size or the timeline bar size. The split screen makes it easy to access various sections inside the application. You can manage all of your contacts easily, set custom icons for each of them and access information with a simple click.

It comes with the option to create all sort of tasks on your computer, as well as notes so you won't forget about important things. It lets you set reminders, add events, holidays or manage things to do in your space time.

You can create shopping lists, documents, access an Excel document with prices or create job projects. All in all, iChronos is a very fluent application that allows you to create notes, documents, shopping lists, manage contacts and do much more.