ICQ Plus is a reliable plugin for ICQ that gives you the possibility to improve the appearance of ICQ messenger by changing its default theme to built-in or user-defined ones. The program integrates within the menu of ICQ and gives you the option to change themes on the spot.

The application helps you change the theme of ICQ to a predefined one, also giving you the chance to create a custom skin. You can modify any aspect of your skin, from dialog text color to background images and titlebar texts.

Furthermore, ICQ Plus allows you to add animations to your application, then change their transparency and play speed. Besides, you can also change the color of your contact list, in order to match the one of your main window. The application can set various colors for your offline contacts, aside from those online.

You can even change the default icons of ICQ, in order to better recognize the status of each contact. ICQ Plus extents as far as letting you change the push buttons and scrollbars of ICQ.

A handy feature if this application lets you save any created theme and use it on other computers. For instance, you can send a theme to your friends, in order to analyze it , then use it in case they like it. This way, anyone can enjoy your theme and share it with their contacts, so that they can appreciate and further use or distribute it.

ICQ Plus offers support for multiple users, as it associates a skin to each account that connects to the ICQ network from your computer. This ensures flexibility, as each friend or family member can safely login using their accounts, knowing that the application will load their favorite skin or theme.