In order to keep up the score of your favorite football team, you need to check their match results or their ranking scores. Fortunately, certain software tools such as Cup 2014 FREE - Brazil can help you track the score of an entire football league.

The application can help you keep track of the match results of your favorite football team, with an emphasis on teams that play in the FIFA cup. Because FIFA is a major football event in which representative teams of every country take part, you have the chance to keep track with your favorite football team.

By displaying the league points gathered by each team, along with detailed match statistics, the program helps you predict the outcome of a match and possibly a final winning team.

Cup 2014 FREE - Brazil can display the results of multiple FIFA league matches, each categorized accordingly. For instance, you can view a matches score sorted by date or by stage, depending on your preferences.

Furthermore, you can check the status of your favorite teams, in order to see where the are currently fitting in, and how many points they have to get in order to advance in the league.

Cup 2014 FREE - Brazil provides you with simple means of keeping the score of your favorite football team and keep an eye on their evolution and progress in the FIFA league, although it does not display all the goal occasions and opportunities of each player for a match.

By using the application, you can view certain match details, such as the final score of a team, the league points they have gathered or the goals scored by each competing football team.