ID Card Workshop is an application built to offer you a simple means of creating custom ID cards for your business.

The software enables you to design employee badges, membership cards, visitor IDs and any other kind of identification that your environment requires.

ID Card Workshop displays a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use by almost anyone, regardless of computer use or design experience. If you know what you want it for, the application can help you create it.

The application comes with a number of predefined templates which you can use to get started or you can create a new blank project and start from scratch, as well as import an existing design from a remote location.

ID Card Workshop offers you the use of a comprehensive and intuitively built ‘Card Designer’ feature which allows you to create the actual design. It provides image, text, shape, barcode insertion along with the possibility to enable magnetic stripe encoding. The stripe can be fitted with information for name, address, discount percentage, phone, email, address and other.

If you’re familiar with the basics of design and have even the slightest idea of how to use a similar application, then ID Card Workshop will not disappoint. Graphic elements are added in a very simple manner and can be resized, moved, have their colors changed and even aligned vertically or horizontally.

Besides the design feature, ID Card Workshop also comes with a ‘Records Manager’ and a ‘Records Seeker’. These make it possible for you to keep track of existing records and locate them in your database. The application also comes with built-in support for webcams, scanners and digital cameras that are connected to your computer, which means that you can use them when creating photo ID cards.

In closing, ID Card Workshop is by all means a handy and practical tool that you can use to create all kinds of ID cards.