ID Shutdown Manager gives you the possibility to remotely set certain computers from your network to automatically reboot, logoff, shutdown or switch-on. In addition, you can also remotely run applications on networked computers.

The program offers you features such as full command line options, user warnings remote installation and shared security. This way, you can serve a multitude of network-connected computers from a single GUI manager. The GUI management tool also supports command-line input, so you can schedule action and shutdown times on the spot.

ID Shutdown Manager can be used to set certain general rules for backing up data or security options. Because the application supports web-based interface, you have the possibility to set certain permissions to each user in your network.

The application can be used to remotely audit each computer from your network. You can find out extensive information about a computer’s host name, MAC and IP addresses, computer name, operating system, total number of processor and their type, available network drives, free and occupied space, currently logged user and domain.

You have the possibility to warn users that their computer will shutdown or reboot, or simply force their computer to shut down immediately and without warning. By doing so, you can let certain users abort the shutdown process, in order to continue working on that machine.

Furthermore, you can schedule shutdowns, so that every computer from your network will shut down at a specific time, even if you are not in front of your computer. This can be used for instance, in an business environment, as you can schedule all the computers from your workgroup to shutdown at a specific time, in order to save energy.

ID Shutdown Manager can also be used to manage the time children spend in front of the computer daily, by shutting it down after a determined period of time.