IdolSoundLab is an application designed to provide you with a versatile environment for playing, cutting, copying, pasting and merging various audio files.

The setup is a forthright process that entails following a few standard steps and specifying the location where the app should be installed on your computer. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a minimalistic and outdated, yet user-friendly and intuitive interface that is relatively easy to navigate.

It is necessary to mention that the application does not support drag and drop, an option that would be helpful particularly if you are managing dozens of audio files. Consequentially, you need to browse your directories in order to play or edit a file. Once loaded, the track progress is displayed neatly as a wave graph along with other details, such as the name of the file, format, position and length.

A further noteworthy feature is that the UI features a timer that exhibits the descendant duration of the tracks played in an hour, minute and seconds format.

In addition to playing audio files, the app also allows you to edit them and provides several features in this sense. You can either access these options from Edit menu or via the quick action buttons located in the upper section of the UI.

Among the editing options available, you can count copy, paste, merge, normalize, remove DC, equalize and delete. At the same time, the app permits you to record streamed audio data or vocals, provided you are using a microphone.

As far as the file formats supported are concerned, the program works with a handful of audio files, including, but not limited to WAV, OGG, FLAC or Wavpack audio files.

In the eventuality that you are looking for a user-friendly solution for playing and editing your audio samples, but are not a big fan of the knobs interface and complicated settings, then perhaps IdolSoundLab might be worth a try.