If you like to save your favorite videos offline for safekeeping, to save bandwidth or because your internet is not that strong, you need a fast and easy to use application, one that will allow you to download your much-needed video in minutes. As it happens, iDownload Manager is the app you want for this particular job.

The application itself is fast, and the same can be said about the process involved in downloading the videos. The quality is exactly like on YouTube so you shouldn't fear that either. There are few disadvantages to this app, one of them being that the free plan brings certain limits to the table.

Most will probably not be satisfied by what this app offers for free. Regardless, the combined speed and ease of use in this app are factors that should be taken into consideration when trying it. You might even find that the paid advantages are even worth the price.

Another important aspect that should be taken into consideration, aside from functionality, is looks. This application scores well in this department as well. This means that you won't have to cringe every time you look at the interface. You'll also notice the customization options that give you plenty of choices when it comes to adapting the looks of the app to your needs.

iDownload Manager, or iDM for short, is an application worth taking into consideration if you often want to download YouTube videos to your PC. The program offers high-quality video downloads, even 4K, a nice looking interface, which you can customize, and a fast, responsive interface, in order for you to get the job done fast and definitely stress-free. iDownload Manager is an app worth at least one try.