Using your picture as its own background image creates a really nice effect. Using the different options you can create an elegant looking portrait in no time. Create borders and shadows, tilting and controlling the brightness of the background are just a few of the options used to create the samples on this site.

In other photo tools you would have to rework everything, like drawing the border or adding a shadow. With IE Deja Vu you just tell it what you want and it does all the drawing and rendering for you.

You can select an area and have the selection area appear over the whole image or over itself. Select multiple regions in your picture to have multiple subjects highlighted in your photo! Be sure to check out the screenshots and the samples to see just what IE Deja Vu can do for your photos!

IE Deja Vu application was designed to be a quick and easy tool that will bring the subject out of any picture


■ watermark on the output file