IES offers a number of products in multiple versions and (until now) customers had to manually download each product each time an update was released. The IES Updater utility was created to greatly simplify the updating process.

The IES Updater provides an easy way for you to check whether updates exist and download all the updates you need. In a network environment, system administrator chores can be made easier because the engineers (users) can download the updates, and have them ready for the IT staff to install or manage. Downloads themselves do not require admin privileges, but installing does!

When you run the IES Updater, it grabs information from the IES web site regarding current products and compares this with the IES products installed on the local machine. You can run the updater manually whenever you like, or you can schedule it using the Windows Task Scheduler, or you can run it in your Startup folder.

With the help of IES Updater you'll be able to easily keep your software from IES up to date!