Image Grab is simple to use, reliable and can capture any image on your desktop. You can easily use it to grab any image you can view on a website or capture frames from an online media player. The software also allows you to crop any area of the captured image, then save it to your computer.

In most cases, the Windows integrated function PrintScreen cannot capture information from media players, animations or Flash content boxes. Instead the specified area of the screen remain black. Image Grab is capable of recording the above mentioned type of data, by capturing the current frame in a movie/animation.

Moreover, it can easily capture the entire screen, the background and active windows or programs, that are opened behind its interface.You simply need to open the application and it already displays a preview of the image you can save. However, the software does not feature a ‘Refresh’ function that could enable you to capture the current screen. Instead you need to hide or close the application, then restore it.

Once you have captured a screenshot, you may save it to your computer as it is, or you can proceed to cropping the image. This is the main function of Image Grab, since its purpose is to help you select a particular area of the screen.

You can easily position the cropping tool frame anywhere in your image, resize it, then proceed to cutting the selected area out. The cropped image is instantly stretched to fit the screen. You may easily save it to your computer, print it, email or fax it.

Image Grab can help you acquire any image from your screen, with little to no effort, then save it to your computer, print it or share it via email/fax with other friends. You may select the output format from the Settings window, as well as whether the cropped image should automatically be stretched. Printing options can also be set from the options window.