Image Resizer is a lightweight and very easy to use program created to provide you with the ability of reducing the size of high-quality pictures on the fly, enabling you to post them on social media websites without too much fuss.

Following a quick and uneventful installation operation, you can launch the utility and start using it right away, as its intuitive interface makes it quite approachable for individuals of all levels of experience.

Image Resizer features a single non-adjustable window, where all the action happens, allowing you to load the files, select the preferred size and the output location, then obtain your pictures.

To begin, press on the ‘Select Image Files’ button, enabling you to browse through your computer and load the items you wish to work with, as Image Resizer does not support drag and drop. You can add one or several files simultaneously to the operation.

The application can handle BMP, PNG and JPG files, exporting them to the same format as the source items. You have three quality levels to choose from, namely ‘Low (Email)’, ‘Medium (Facebook, Twitter)’ and ‘High (Digital Printing)’, but you do not have the option of selecting the precise dimensions of the pictures.

Next, you can decide on the destination folder, as Image Resizer allows you to save the generated files to the original location, your desktop or a user-defined folder. Finally, you can press on the ‘Resize’ button and the results will be exported within moments, enabling you to upload them wherever you need.

To conclude, Image Resizer is an efficient and user-friendly software solution aimed at shrinking pictures and preparing them for transfer operations, requiring the least amount of effort from you.