ImageCategorizer was designed for those scenarios that require finding similar pictures in a directory of files quickly. Not only is it able to perform this tedious task rapidly, but it also provides a set of filters that will refine the search process in just the right amount.

Despite the fact that there’s a myriad of products that can accomplish just about the same task, ImageCategorizer managed to impress us through speed, ease of use, as well as through the accuracy of the results.

The program’s GUI isn’t the best we’ve seen, but that doesn’t pose a major discomfort while experimenting with it. The raw simplicity that can be noticed from the first acquaintance with the GUI works favorably especially for beginners, who aren’t accustomed to such software.

The principle used by ImageCategorizer is simple in appearance, but sophisticated at its core: a folder of graphics is compared against a source image, chosen by the user, based on various criteria.

As such, the comparison process can be set to include various rules such as width, height, aspect ratio, number of pixels, image type and color distribution.

You can also customize the precision of the comparisons; setting it to a higher value will return more accurate results, while a lower percent stands a chance to bring out a faulty outcome.

In addition to this, you can also set it to appear in the ‘Send To’ menu of Windows Explorer, but unfortunately, that didn’t work out for us. We tested it on both Windows 7 and 8, but it failed in this aspect.

All in all, ImageCategorizer carries out a very complicated task and it does bring out decent results. However, a better GUI and a working context menu shortcut could make a huge difference.