They say a picture is worth a thousand words - however, adding a few words to your picture can help you make sure the correct message gets sent across.

ImageMarkup is one of the applications that was especially designed to help you enhance your graphics with various objects.

It needs to be mentioned from the beginning that the application needs to be installed from Microsoft Store, meaning an account and a compatible computer are required.

The upside is that the installation process is fully automated, so there is no user input necessary once you agreed to download the utility.

The main window of ImageMarkup lacks the colorful GUI present in other similar apps, being replaced by a minimalist one that focuses on features rather than looks.

You need to start by selecting an image from your computer, either JPEG or PNG. Since you cannot drag and drop it onto the main window, the only way to load it within the app is to browse to its exact location.

The main purpose of ImageMarkup resides in the objects you can overlay on your image.

More exactly, you can add a circle and a rectangle outline, as well as an image. However, when overlaying another graphic file, you get no additional options (such as transparency, rotation or resizing).

On the other hand, if you choose to insert a text box, you can customize the font type, size and color, along with the formatting (italic, bold, underline, strikethrough) and alignment.

All in all, ImageMarkup can help those in a hurry to quickly add a few objects to their pics. You can only export the result to JPEG, so if you need support for more formats or for other shapes, you might need to look for another app.