IMonitor Power Keylogger is a monitoring software application able to record information about pressed keys, clipboard data, program usage, visited websites, and chat conversation. In addition, it helps you take screenshots and generate all sorts of reports.

The program can be controlled via your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Opera, Firefox). You need to create an account before gaining access to the remote console. The login password can be changed anytime.

You may add multiple devices that you want to monitor, namely Windows, Mac, or Android ones. All you need to do is to install the agent on the target device and gather statistics about it via your web browser.

IMonitor Power Keylogger reveals summaries about the monitored computer. You can check out info about the start time, total runtime, idle time, number of visited webpages, time spend chatting, printing jobs, and other details. Summaries can also be generated for top applications and websites used for a specific time period, as well as network traffic.

The application records keystrokes and lets you filter the information by Office documents, web browsers, social sites, email clients, or chat utilities. Plus, you get to view the clipboard content, images, application usage, keyword logs, system events, and alerts.

You can capture all accessed websites, URLs, HTTP file downloads, and search keywords, check out all text chat conversations, view info about received and sent emails, and analyze screenshots with Facebook and Twitter.

IMonitor Power Keylogger reveals info about the copied and moved documents, Office files, pictures, videos, and source code.

Reports can be generated based on different criteria, such as programs, website history, user keystrokes, clipboard history, print jobs, USB device usage, FTP uploading mode, chat history, system events, and emails.

You can disable removable storage devices, make automatic backups to your account, automatically take screenshots at a user-defined time in seconds, block specific websites for a custom time period, disable custom programs on specific days of the week, and take snapshots when specific keywords are detected.

All in all, IMonitor Power Keylogger comes packed with advanced features for helping you keep an eye on pretty much everything that takes place on another user’s computer.