ImTOO File Rename is a tool with great capabilities that offers a lot of options for string name formatting on batches of files. You can drag and drop or use the program’s dedicated icons (that allow you to add the desired files) and start changing them.

Another cool aspect is that, after uploading the files into the program, you can see in separate tabs the current names of your files and a preview of what they would look like after applying the changes.

We have all had issues with case sensitive programs and had to apply mass changes to all our files, update, or change them. The tool offers plenty of possibilities: targeting the extension name, the filename only, or both. Moreover, you can insert or remove any letters and numbers in the names of your files.

When renaming the data, you can apply different filters; selecting the targeted area of the change plus choosing the actual modification you want to do, such as: making your string names uppercase, lowercase, capitalizing all words, or inserting modifications before/after an indicated area in the string.

A useful feature is the one that helps you batch rename your documents. You can also add numbers to their names, starting at the beginning or at the end, and format the order number by selecting a start point, the number of digits, and the number of times you want to increment.

The tool is so powerful it even allows you to identify patterns in the names and replace portions of those strings with something else (whether it is the filename, the extension name, or both). Also, ordering your files completely will not be a problem either, as the program successfully manages to meet all our expectations.

ImTOO File Rename is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to easily rename a lot of documents and folders. The tool has amazing capabilities. It is fast, intuitive, and offers tons of options so you can work with granular precision.