The language barrier is a thing of the past of you know what tools to employ when facing issues, with ImTranslator for Firefox being precisely this type of software utility that offers to make content in foreign languages easily accessible.

As its name suggests, this is a Firefox extension that works with translation providers such as Google Translate, Microsoft Bing, and Translator so that you easily get around articles in about 90 languages. If you are using Chrome as your default browser, however, you can try out ImTranslator for Chrome.

The browser addon offers various approaches to how you want your text to be translated. First, there is a floating popup bubble that appears whenever you select a text and prompts you with the translation in any of the available languages, with the possibility of copying the displayed text, adjusting its font, and more. What’s more, text-to-speech translation is also available for you to try out.

ImTranslator component works pretty much in the same way, and other than that, it also incorporates a dictionary, with the possibility of assigning hotkeys to its functions.

As for the Inline translator, it translates text you find on the web and automatically inserts it after the original, with the possibility of differentiating it from the rest of the content using a color of your choice.

Then, there is the Translator, which once again provides you with the equivalent of any text in any given language, all in a new window. It comes with a generous feature set, letting you copy and paste text, check your spelling, all using either your own keyboard or a virtual one. Text to speech translation is also offered.

Last but not least, you can resort to this Firefox extension to translate a web page in its entirety, without any distractions being shown. As is the case of all the other utilities included under the umbrella of ImTranslator, it is capable of autodetecting the language of a text, with its response times being quite efficient.

On an ending note, ImTranslator for Firefox is a handy tool if you happen to deal with online content in languages you do not command. It resorts to various translation providers and encompasses 5 different applications you can use whenever trying to understand text in any of the 90 languages put at your disposal, with its GUI being approachable and easy to navigate.