Released with the iOS 11, Apple's HEIC format might be more flexible and a lot better for saving space when compared to the format it replaces - the ubiquitous JPEG - but for Windows users, it brings a few annoyances since it's not supported by default.

Happily, there are a few applications that allow you to convert HEIC photos to the more popular JPEG format, one of which is iMyFone HEIC Converter.

The application is extremely straightforward, and it offers you two conversion possibilities: you can either convert your HEIC and HEIF files to JPEG one by one or all of them at once.

That said, you can start converting files in a matter of seconds since both the installation and the app's functionality are as simple as they come. Just choose one of the modes above, and load either one or multiple files via a typical explorer menu or drag and drop.

The batch mode offers you the possibility of handpicking the exact photos for conversion. You're also provided with the total number of loaded photos and the overall size. Furthermore, as expected, both modes allow you to choose the destination folder and adjust the image quality via a run-of-the-mill slider.

Another functional difference between the two conversion modes is that the first one (single photo) offers a preview of the loaded HEIC or HEIF file which brings us to our only critique of this application. In short, we would have preferred if the batch mode would offer various view modes for the loaded pictures which, in turn, would have helped users select specific photos a lot easier (even small thumbnails would have helped a lot).

In the end, iMyFone HEIC Converter is a very good application that does its job as advertised. It's very user-friendly, easy to install, light on system resources and it sports a clean and modern look.

As mentioned before, the only conceivable problem that might arise hints at the situation where you have to select specific files from a large list of loaded photos, a situation made somewhat difficult by the lack of thumbnail preview in batch mode.