WeChat has become very popular in recent years, especially in the Chinese market. However, while plenty of data recovery tools exist for other iOS messaging apps, they often lack support for WeChat.

iMyFone iPhone WeChat Recovery is an easy-to-use application specially designed to help you retrieve your WeChat conversation history and attachments. It can scan your iPhone, iTunes and iCloud backups, and it is very novice-friendly.

Data recovery operations are often quite confusing, especially if you have little experience with computers or iOS devices. Thankfully, this application reduces the process to a few simple steps, which means it is accessible even to complete novices.

iMyFone iPhone WeChat Recovery can select the best retrieval method automatically, only requiring you to specify how your conversations and attachments were lost.

After scanning your device, iTunes or iCloud backup, the program displays the salvaged conversations and attachments for you to browse, and you can specify which of them should be saved.

It is always recommended to try and retrieve lost data from your iOS device first, as it is certain to have stored your most recent conversations. However, this many not always be an option, so you may have to try one of the other recovery methods.

The application can extract information from your iTunes or iCloud backups, and these operations should be successful regardless of the current state of your device.

Functionality aside, iMyFone iPhone WeChat Recovery features a sleek, streamlined UI, with all the main functions being arranged in the left-hand panel. Navigating through the available menus is very simple, so novices should have no problems getting the hang of things.

All in all, this is a powerful and easy-to-use application that enables you to recover WeChat conversations and attachments from your iPhone, as well as iTunes and iCloud backups.