In spite of the fact that iPhones are user-friendly devices, unfortunately they still get clogged up especially if you are the kind of user who uses the mobile device for a wide variety of tasks.

iMyFone Umate Free is an intuitive utility that enables you to perform an in-depth scan of your iPhone to detect and clean junk files that might be slowing down your gadget's overall performance.

After a quick setup, you come face to face with a sleek and stylish interface that is also easy to navigate and understand. Therefore, you can easily get around its features and functions regardless of your computer knowledge.

The UI consists of a modern medium-sized window that is organized as a dashboard, meaning you can preview the menu on the left panel and more details about the functions in the larger right panel. The tool also displays the storage space available on your iPhone, a feature that is useful for the times when you notice a downgrade in performance and might want to uninstall some applications you are no longer using for instance.

The role of the application is to scan and identify the junk files that are possible clogging your iPhone's resources. The scan takes only a few seconds, time after which you can check out the Clean-up tab to preview the files that are recommended for deletion.

In case you consider some of these files useful, you can simply unmark the corresponding checkbox before accessing the clean function. Moreover, you can view the last time you performed a clean-up, an option that can be useful to determine whether you are a victim of malicious attacks.

Then again, it would be useful if the app would include a one-click scan and clean function that you could access to speed up your device whenever it runs slow.

If you are looking for a simple tool that can help you boost your iPhone's performance and responsiveness relatively fast, then iMyFone Umate Free might be the tool to try out.