Index.Dat Viewer and Zapper is a straightforward tool that does exactly what its name says: it displays the content of the “index.dat” files and allows you to delete them from your computer.

Although there are multiple application that can save data in “index.dat” files, this tool is designed to locate and work with the ones generated by Internet Explorer. These are used for storing information about the visited websites in order to improve the Internet browsing experience.

During its runtime, the Internet Explorer browser creates multiple DAT files that store lists of web pages, images, scripts and other resources loaded from the Internet. The logs also includes the cookies and the files downloaded with Internet Explorer.

The goal of these files are to speed up the IE behavior when using autocomplete or other features that are based on previously opened pages. However, they can also be accessed by other users for extracting data about your browsing habits.

This program allows you to explore the content of the file and to delete the ones that include private information. Unlike similar utilities, this tool does not include a DAT file viewer and uses Notepad which makes it difficult to interpret the content of the files.

The interface is simple and requires insignificant resources even during the system scan. The results are displayed almost instantly and enable you to locate the files if you need to manually remove them from your system.

Index.Dat Viewer and Zapper allows you to save time when you constantly delete index.dat files from your system. Although you can manually open or delete the files, it might be worth it to purchase the app for deleting them with one click.