Info Angel is a comprehensive and accessible application designed to offer a complete way to add contacts, and compose documents, recipes, and house business tips.

It provides a well-structured and user-friendly layout divided into a tree view,  similar to Windows Explorer, to shorten the time spent to find and access specific memo. On the right, a feature-rich editor lets you easily write your thoughts and personalize them with various elements. There is no need to worry that someone might read your files because the app provides individual password protection.

To compose a new note, all you have to do is select the corresponding category or make a new one with a different purpose, and hit the "Add" button. A word processor is brought up, with a broad range of formatting elements, like font types, styles, colors, and sizes, as well as bullet lists, images, hyperlinks, or tables.

Annotations are saved in RTF, TXT and HTML file formats. The tool lets you import contacts (CSV) or records in HJT, KNT types. You can paste content from the clipboard directly into the panel, and apply further altering. The tool lets you align paragraphs to different directions, set the line spacing, and increase or decrease the indent.

New connections are added to the predefined group and modified to correspond best with the content. Among the provided fields, you can fill in the full name, title, birthday, different phone numbers, as well as home and work addresses, and a description.

Other useful features are backup and restore, so you can save all your notes in a zip file to a safe location on the PC, and get them back once your issues are resolved. The tool lets you set a password to protect important data, which is required when you enter the program again.

Taking everything into consideration, Info Angel is a reliable yet straightforward program created to provide an efficient and safe method to compose recipes, essential articles or contacts, and manage them in an organized way.