Regardless of whether your iPhone was stolen, it got damaged, you were a victim of a virus attack or it was an operation error, many unexpected incidents can lead to the loss of data on your iDevice.

inG8 for iOS is an application that enables you to access all information you stored on your iDevice and recover lost or deleted data via the restoration tool or from iTunes.

While the setup is quick, you should know that the app might require a couple of minutes to scan your iDevice and display the information that can be recovered. If you set it to retrieve data from third-party apps as well, then it goes without saying that it is going to take longer.

While it may take some time with scanning, you will be happy to learn that the data is neatly displayed in categories, so you can easily access the one you are interested in. The application works well with all iOS platforms, including 9.x, so you can even try to restore messages or other data from an older iPhone or iPad.

What makes the application stand out is the fact that it can retrieve information from a plethora of embedded and third-party software solutions. Among the sources you can recover data, you can count calendar entries, Safari history, Evernote, Gmail, WhatsApp and various social network accounts.

On a side note, it is recommended that you try to recover deleted data as soon as possible, to increase the chances of restoring all the information. Generally speaking, if you postpone this operation for too long, then some parts of the erased messages, conversations or chat logs can be overwritten by new data.

All in all, inG8 for iOS is an easy-to-use utility that can help you get back important contacts, emails, conversations and other critical data you commonly store on your iDevice.