The Ink Calendar Store App enables you to use a virtual calendar just like you would a paper one. To be more specific, you get to use your mouse or the tip of your finger (for touchscreen users) as a ballpoint pen to mark important dates by writing or drawing directly on the calendar.

Available for Windows 10 users only, Ink Calendar is as simple as it is useful. It displays a modern-looking calendar with a tile for each day, just like in most paper calendars. It's not possible to change the view mode but, given the purpose of the app, the default one is probably the best one to use.

Navigating through the calendar is easy thanks to the left and right arrows within the main window. Additionally, you can zoom in a date using the dedicated tool.

There are a highlighter and a ballpoint pen that you can use to draw directly on the calendar. Both the color and the size of the pen are customizable. And if you make a mistake, don't worry. Ink Calendar comes with unlimited undos.

The calendar can be saved as a picture on your computer, printed on paper, or shared online directly from the application, although the latter option failed to work during our tests.

A few customization options allow you to change the theme and modify the background image to your liking.

Although implementing a very simple idea, Ink Calendar is an interesting application that, with a few additions and enhancements, could fancy to those who are looking for an alternative to the default Windows calendar.

As a suggestion, it would be nice to have a built-in search function to find the boxes that are marked in case you need to find the date of an event. Being able to mark periodical events and create drawing templates would also come in handy, not to mention having a notification system to let you know about upcoming marked dates. Last but not least, it would be beneficial to be able to login with a Microsoft account to import existing events.