When you're on vacation and want to send a postcard to your family or friends back home, you can use InPixio InstaCards instead of looking for the local postal office.

This Windows utility gives you the possibility to create personalized postcards out of your personal photos and send them to the physical address of the recipients (in exchange for payment).

Although it's a desktop client, InPixio InstaCards has the look and feel of a Metro app. It features just a handful of options necessary for creating and sending postcards.

To get started, you can load a graphic file from your computer. The program's not explicit concerning the supported filetypes but we've noticed that it works with JPG and PNG.

After clicking and dragging the photo to arrange it on the postcard, you can flip to write a message on the back of the card, together with the physical address of the recipient (full name, street, city, state/province, ZIP/postal code, country).

Countries are automatically identified by InstaCards because the areas have to be covered by the developer to be able to send postcards. A couple of text options are available, whether you want to change the text's alignment, font type or size. Drafts are autosaved by the application and can be later accessed from the main menu.

The cards are printed in the shape of a 5.91-inch x 5.91-inch square, mimicking the old Polaroid format. The tool simply offers a quicker way of sending postcards, no matter where you are. Mail delivery is ensured globally.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface and options, InPixio InstaCards makes it possible for anyone to put together custom cards out of personal photos and send them anywhere in the world.

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