InSearch was developed to be a strong web search application. That help you find exact what you need.

Use internet engine Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Yandex for find links, after that go to all links and correct all finded information.

Many times you try to find somthing and just sink in porno links. If you try to find somthing, try use this tool it's easy and very fast.

Here are some key features of "InSearch":

■ Allow search in multiple search engines at same time

■ Correct founded result by self-reading mechanism

■ Save all founded pages at your HDD for future use

■ Allow block unwanted pages (as porno sites and so on)

■ Full automated you don't need for searching process In v1.1 added

■ more search engines

■ and image based specification of it In v1.2 added

■ New link-search mechanism

■ fixed bug with link counter

■ added "save preresult"

■ added hotkey link open (use spacebar or enter)

■ and some change of design In v2.0 added

■ Page text preview (with saved pages)

■ Page size limits

■ Force HTML save mode

■ Two page design

■ Fixed bug with double-click on empty link-list

■ Hotkey in engines window


■ 30 days trial