InstallAware Studio Admin for MSI is a reliable program with the help of which you can import existing MSI/MSM setups as InstallAware projects.

InstallAware`s Click Patching is extremely simple, and extremely powerful. Just point-and-click on your old and new setups, click Build Patch, and InstallAware sweeps through each package to capture binary file differentials. It then automatically generates a native Windows Installer MSP file and compresses it with InstallAware`s superior compression algorithms. No upgrade syncing and no pre-flight deployment testing required.

InstallAware unique WebAware Components allow your setup to call out to a URL to retrieve any required file or set of files - keeping the application components, runtimes, or dependencies that already exist on an end user`s system from being needlessly downloaded by the user. No other setup solution offers these advanced deployment options.

Eliminate bloated dependencies from your setups by recompressing the various MSM and MSI files used by your third-party technologies. InstallAware`s MSI CAB Decompressor allows you to unpack the existing CAB file streams and then apply InstallAware`s superior compression to streamline packages created by different project teams or technology providers.

InstallAware is the only installation development environment to offer substantial improvement over the file compression (CAB-MSZIP or CAB-LZX) used in MSI archives - generating software installation packages that are 1/2 to 1/5th the size of an average MSI-based setup. InstallAware aligns redundant bits in your setup using BCJ2 filters and trims the size of each file with the industry-leading LZMA compression algorithm, allowing you to build elegantly-small MSI installations without the frustration of typical MSI tools, and without costly add-on compression utilities.