Delivering a product in a fancy package makes up for half the price and effort. The same goes for computer applications that need to be equipped with intuitive installers so the end user can use it as soon as possible. With the purpose to eliminate the need of writing even a single line of code, InstallConstruct gives you the possibility to build deployment package in an easy manner.

The main window is well-organized, with a side panel fitted with major configuration categories like package information, copy files, user system checks, system additions, advanced system additions, user interface and build package. Each contains several options to manage, displaying them along with intuitive descriptions and easy to use buttons or text fields.

A neat advantage is that you're not limited to a single product, but you can pile up more applications in a clever package. It's a good method of creating a single installer for all drivers and other necessary utilities you need to deploy after a fresh Windows installation.

You start off with basic details such as name, product features and type of package you want to build. In addition, a password can be added and you can use a built-in generator to create multiple unique keys at once.

Files are added through a dedicated explorer, with options to add entire folders or just select several individual files. In case conflicts occur because of existing entries, the application lets you choose from several options, like overwriting without prompt or asking the end user.

Enthusiasts can create complex installers. With the help of several advanced tools, you can manually adjust registries and how these are modified upon deployment, manage shortcuts, path environment variables, services and even options to set up third party requirement retrieval.

What brings a little disappointment is the poor visualization of the interface customization. A whole category is dedicated to the window design itself, with options to add splash screen, buttons, images and sound, but management is done only with text, with no preview section to analyze how changes affect the design.

The final step gives you an overview of the whole project before building it. Anything can be modified on the spot for quick adjustments or fixing possible flaws. Prepare to be patient though, because it can take a while to construct the package, especially for large content with multiple functions to implement in the target computer.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that InstallConstruct is a powerful application with which you can deliver your projects in a professional manner. Customization plays an important role in the set of features and although visual feedback could do with a little more work, the application is worth more than a try because of the intuitive approach on complexity.