Installed Programs Finder is a simplistic piece of software designed to list all installed applications on your computer. It has a few filters and lets you save the list to file.

Setting it up takes little time and effort, as there aren't any special options, prerequisite software products, or third-party offers involved.

It's wrapped in a simple interface made from a standard window that doesn't put any emphasis on graphical elements, yet it's quite easy to navigate.

A list with all installed programs can be obtained with the click of a button. Before doing so, you can instruct the tool to include or exclude Windows hotfixes, updates and security updates.

In the task list you can check out the name, version, full path and install date of each product, save the list to file by specifying the output directory, filename and format, as well as print all information. There are no other notable options available.

It didn't put a strain on the computer's performance in our tests, thanks to the fact that it needed a low amount of CPU and RAM to work properly. No error dialogs were displayed and it didn't freeze or crash.

On the other hand, Installed Programs Finder comes packed with a weak set of features, especially when taking into account that it isn't freeware, and there are plenty of free products out there offering additional options for free. For example, it doesn't have a search function.

Although it hasn't received updates for a very long time, Installed Programs Finder still works on newer Windows editions. It offers a simple and straightforward solution for obtaining, saving and printing a list with all of your installed software.