Instant Backup Software is an easy-to-use application which allows users to help you backup your important documents, work, music, videos or other files. Backup to an external hard drive, a USB thumb or flash drive or to a network shared folder.

Specify your source and destination folders just once and backups are now a breeze. Activate the backup yourself or schedule an automatic backup as needed. Instant Backup Software is a very light weight software. This means that it loads up in the blink of an eye and is less than 2 MB download. Your PC will hardly know that its running. Backups are also extremely fast with minimum impact on your PC's performance while doing other task.

Work with it interactively or just let it run in the background. Backups are done in the popular, ZIP format and not any proprietary format. This means significant space saving for your backups. Also because ZIP is an open format, you can not only open your backups with Instant Backup but also with Windows® compressed folder or any zip utility you choose.