Instashare is an intuitive program that enables you to quickly and safely transfer photos or other files to and from your mobile device/tablet. The software allows you to instantly exchange files between your computer and a corresponding iPhone, Android phone or tablet. The transfer is made quickly and securely.

Instashare is a simple to use application which allows you to share photos and other files between your phone and the computer. The data can instantly be transferred from/to either of the locations, in a secure way, without being stored in a temporary cloud area. The speed of the transfer is ensured by the type of connection supported by Instashare: WI-FI or Bluetooth.

Either of these connections require proximity of the two devices, which ensures a short route for the data transfer. Once installed, the application can instantly identify the corresponding devices and connect to either of them. Receiving data, however, requires confirmation in both cases: when transferring from the phone/tablet to the PC and vice versa.

In order to enable the transfer, Instashare must be installed both on the computer and on the desired device. This way, you can ensure the device compatibility without needing to pair the two of them. Once this step is complete, the application determines the two devices to recognize each other and allows you to transfer the files with a few clicks/taps.

The files supported for the phone-to-PC transfer are displayed on the device’s screen. Generally photos and multimedia files can be shared this way. When copying items from your computer, you can transfer images of several formats, as well as text contained in the clipboard.

Once Instashare is installed on both the PC and the desired device, the file transfer is made really easily. A few mouse clicks or touchscreen taps are enough to exchange data between the computer and the mobile phone or tablet. Moreover, the transfer is made safe and confirmation may is required with each transfer, unless you opt otherwise.