An adaptable development utility for creating self-extracting and self-installing single .exe distribution files. It features multi-language support, comes with user-definable dialogs for readme information and license agreements.

It fully supports subfolders, temporary extraction, password protection, file execution and a built-in uninstallation utility. You can completely adapt the visual layout of self-extracting files to your needs.

It is possible to select an icon for self-extracting exe files from ico, exe or dll files. Variables have been completely revised to support most system file paths.

Instyler Ex-it! can fastly compress any number of files to a single self-extracting .exe file. The wizard application guides you through all needed steps and offers you to select various extra options:

Instyler Ex-it! features basic installation capacibilites: You can automaticly create a shortcut while extracting the files from the self-extracting archive on the desktop or in the start menu and you can add an uninstallation program that automaticly removes the extracted files when the users selects it from the control panel.

You can also let the self-extracting file to extract the files temporarily only and run a program (e.g. a viewer or setup program). After the program terminates all temporarily extracted files will be removed automaticly.

Any file information and project options of your self-extracting file is saved into a project file.

You can reload these files with the wizard application or pass it directly to the seperated compiler application.

This is useful if you do not want to change any information but just repackage the self-extracting file with updated source files.

Instyler Ex-it! does not only support 22 languages to be selected for the self-extracting files. You can also modify all texts shown during extraction.

You can show specific extra dialogs like a License Agreement or Password dialog. And you can hide all dialogs to have a silent and fully automatic extraction.


■ Self-extracting files created with the trial version of Instyler Ex-it! show a warning message box when opening the file. This message informs you to not distribute the created file in any way.

■ The second limitation of this trial version is that created self-extracting files only run on computers on which Instyler Ex-it! has been installed.