IntelliProtector is an efficient and reliable software program created for allowing you to easily manage your license keys and protect your computer applications from intellectual theft.

The application comes with a neatly organized layout and tabbed interface, allowing you to easily find an access the features and menus you require.

In order to be light on the system requirements, IntelliProtector's graphic user interface is quite simple and uncomplicated, making it a user-friendly application.

For security purposes, when you run the application, it always prompts you to input your login information and password, in order to access its features.

This way, you can keep your important licenses safe from unauthorized access and most important, protected from intellectual theft attempts.

IntelliProtector allows you to easily manage your applications and their registration processes directly from the utility's user interface.

By using IntelliProtector, you can easily subscribe to the newsletter program of your preferred application by simply entering your e-mail address in the input box, so you can receive messages with the most important news.

Also, the application enables you to check for updates for your software utilities, providing you with change logs, so you can decide for yourself if you wish to upgrade the software program.

When accessing IntelliProtector, not only you can view the protected serial keys for your applications, but the program also provides you with detailed information about the license, version and registration details of your securely guarded software utilities.

IntelliProtector enables you to keep track of when an application's license is close to expire or for how long you can still benefit from support service for the specific software utility.

IntelliProtector is a straightforward and reliable application that proves to be an inspired solution for those who wish to protect the registration information for their paid software utilities against being stolen.