Internxt Drive is a good program that allows to simply upload your contents in the cloud, and has a convenient and simple GUI, clear commands, and a reasonably low impact on your system's resources and CPU usage.

Internxt Drive is a free, open-source cloud storage service. The application gets installed and allows us to upload our files in a heartbeat. The data uploads and downloads are end-to-end encrypted. Above all, the system runs on a distributed, decentralized network, meaning the contents you upload are not kept in one central location (server), but on a multitude of machines.

Thanks to this type of fragmented, decentralized distribution, you can have a lot more privacy and a higher level of security. Distributed databases are less prone to hacking or malicious attacks thanks to their mutable nature. It is a lot more difficult to simultaneously get access to all the devices in the network (as each contains an encrypted version of your data).

Using both the service and the app can be done effortlessly. After installing the app and configuring the directory's location, which is done in seconds, one can drag-and-drop files into the folder location. These files will get uploaded in your online account, accessible via the browser. The desktop app adds an icon in your system tray, and by right-clicking it, you can see its features.

In order to synchronize your folder's data with its online counterpart, you can select the 'Force sync' option. Once visible in your online account, files can be shared via a unique link that gets generated on the spot. Additionally, you can choose how many times the download can be done using that same URL (the default is 1; after that, the link expires). The cloud service allows customizing files, modifying folders' colors, and changing icons so you can create visual patterns and navigate your data more intuitively.

All in all, the cloud storage service is a super-convenient choice for people who like open-source projects and want to encourage these initiatives. The storage capacity of 2GB is enough to test the cloud's capacities and allows making an informed decision whether or not this Internxt Drive suits your needs.

Regarding the client-side app, although not stunning, the program is easy to install and use, even for users who don't have much technical knowledge. There are no hidden or obscure features, everything is clear and straightforward. The program runs fast, well, and seems super stable.