Organizing a large collection of files might take a lot of time if not for some software tools to give you a helping hand. Aside from a powerful file manager, you might need a reliable file renamer, such as Inviska Rename Portable.

As the portable counterpart of Inviska Rename, this application does not require installation and does not leave traces in the system's registry. Furthermore, you can carry it around on a removable device and run it directly from there. Other than these extra advantages, it delivers the same feature set as the installer edition.

Inviska Rename Portable welcomes you with a user-friendly interface that is split into two equal panels to allow a "before and after" comparison. That is, you can preview the new names of the target files or folders before applying the changes.

There are various methods at your disposal to build a custom name pattern. To be noted that the entire name can be replaced with whatever string you want. Alternatively, you can replace a portion of the text, insert new text at a certain position within the name, at its start, or at its end, and also crop parts of the text or just a few characters. Additionally, Inviska Rename Portable can add numbers before or after the filename, or at a position of your choice.

In case you are dealing with music files or photos, you will be happy to know that Inviska Rename Portable comes with a set of predefined tags that can be easily inserted into the name pattern. Furthermore, file attribute tags are also available.

With an application such as Inviska Rename Portable, you can rename sets of files in one operation, without having to waste time doing so manually. It comes with various options to modify the original name and allows you to preview the result before renaming the files, so that you can decide whether the new names are meaningful to you or not.