People who use iPads and prefer to save the contents of the devices to their PCs might seek for a solution that could eliminate the hassle of manually backing-up each file. iPad to Computer Transfer will help people to easily backup the contents of their iPad devices to their PCs, by using its user-friendly interface that offers straightforward handling.

iPad to Computer Transfer offers users a minimalist interface with clean looks and easy access to all of its features. Once they have connected their iPad devices, people will be able to view the respective content in the application’s two-section layout.

A general listing of all the items currently located on the device is offered in the left-hand side of the interface (music, movies, TV shows, Podcasts, etc.). If certain items are selected, one will be able to see detailed information about the items, in the right-hand side panel. However, the application doesn’t offer any form of preview for the selected items.

The application provides users with a search function, where they can insert custom text strings, in order to find items quicker and expedite the export process. Furthermore, size on disk information is offered in the bottom of the interface, therefore allowing people to know how much the selected files will occupy on their PCs.

Once the required items have been selected, it is only a matter of clicking the “Export” button and the utility will copy the files to the preferred directory. Nevertheless, in spite of its straightforward handling and efficient operation, the application could have also incorporated more advanced features, such as batch export options or scheduling.

This application will provide an accessible solution for those who require to backup items from their iPad devices to their PCs. Featuring a swift installation and easy handling, it will allow people to view the contents of their iPads, select the preferred items and copy them to their PCs, all in just a few mouse clicks. However, demanding users might crave for more advanced options for batch exporting or scheduling, which could be offered by similar software packages.