Considering that mobile phones are nowadays capable of storing impressing amounts of data, it’s not surprising that, when an accident happens, and your files are affected, the damage is extensive and harder to compensate for.

Fortunately, however, data recovery tools are a dime and a dozen, with iPhone Data Recovery being one example in this regard.

First things first, users should be aware that the program’s capabilities exceed expectations if you judge it simply by its name. That is because the application can handle your iPad and iPod as well, aside from the iPhone.

Other than that, it should be mentioned that it puts at your disposal three different means of recovering your data: by connecting your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable, by resorting to an iTunes backup, or by turning to an iCloud backup.

Regardless of your option, the steps you need to take are pretty similar, and once the application carries out a scan, the outcome is presented in an intuitive manner. As such, Media, Message & Contacts, and Memo & Others are the main categories you are prompted with.

Needless to say, the array of content that can be retrieved from an iOS device should cover any user’s needs, regardless of whether they are interested in salvaging photos, messages, contacts, notes, reminders, browser history, or whatnot.

For a plus of convenience, you can set the application to display only deleted messages once the results are displayed, with search options being integrated as well. This is obviously proof of the fact the software utility is focused on offering a comfortable and easy-to-navigate workspace.

The very same principle is the reason users can preview recoverable files before making a decision. As such, they are in full control of the data they are working with, especially given the fact that detailed file info can be provided for each item.

On an ending note, iPhone Data Recovery is a handy tool iOS users may want to know about in case their device has been affected by a system crash, accidental deletion, or any other kind of damage that rendered all their files inaccessible.

The program offers multiple ways of salvaging their files along with search and preview options, being an overall approachable and efficient tool.