iPixSoft SWF to FLV Converter is a simple-to-use software application that can turn Flash video files from SWF to FLV format, as its name says. It features a handy set of intuitive options for all types of users, whether they are experienced with video conversion tools or not.

Installing the program requires minimal time and effort. Its interface is made from a regular panel split into three main areas for importing the SWF clip, editing it, and configuring output settings, respectively. It is quite simple to navigate.

A SWF video can be imported using the file browser only, since the drag-and-drop function is unsupported. You can preview it in the main frame and check out file information concerning the Flash version, frame count, movie size, and so on.

As far as editing options are concerned, it is possible to crop the image (e.g. black borders) and add logos (e.g. for YouTube uploads). Apart from indicating the output profile, you can adjust audio and video parameters when it comes encoder, frame rate, bit rate, size, channel mode and sample rate. Plus, you can disable the audio stream altogether or replace it with another one.

The conversion procedure takes as long as the length of the SWF clip. The video is played during this time, so you cannot carry on with normal activity on the computer. The quality of the output video is pretty good, though. We have not come across any difficulties in our tests, and CPU and RAM consumption was minimal. All in all, iPixSoft SWF to FLV Converter gets the job done.