iPod Computer Wizard is a lightweight Windows application designed specifically for helping you transfer songs, videos and photos from iPod to computer, as well as playlists and artwork from iPod to your iTunes library using straightforward actions.

You are welcomed by a clean layout that offers you the possibility to choose between two main tasks, namely transfer music or photos. The utility automatically reads and reveals all audio songs and videos in a tree-like display.

In addition, you can make the application show only songs or clips, or press on a specific playlist in order to view its content.

iPod Computer Wizard offers you the option to check or uncheck all files using simple clicks, select the preferred files that you want to transfer, as well as invert the selection. With a simple click on the ‘Copy’ button, the application carries out the task for you without having to configure further tweaks.

The tool also keeps a log which records information about all your actions, along with possible errors. You cannot export the log to a file but you may copy the information to the clipboard.

You can listen to the songs via the built-in audio player which accommodates basic features for helping you play or stop the current selection and go to the previous or next audio file.

There’s support for only a few configuration settings that are implemented for helping you prevent iTunes from starting automatically once your iPhone is plugged in, as well as choose between different file saving options, such as use song title as filename and place files into artist and album folders like iTunes, and name files using patterns.

All things considered, iPod Computer Wizard delivers a simplistic software solution for helping you transfer songs, videos and photos without investing too much time and effort into the entire process, and is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.