iPod Notes Creator is a small-sized software solution whose main purpose is to aid people in converting any text document into a iPod notes format.

The installation process does not pose any kind of issues and does not last very long, while the interface you come across can only be described as plain and simple. It is only comprised of a few buttons and two tabs which enable for a quick access to all available options.

Although it does come with any Help contents, it encloses a beginner and export mode you can easily toggle, and therefore all types of users can easily find your way around iPod Notes Creator.

It is possible to preview the added text with ease in the beginner mode, using a dedicated pane, while you can also edit the document. The expert method is quicker, enabling you to only select the source and output directories.

Aside from that, you should know that regardless of the mode you use in order to convert your items, you can choose to transform the text to a Unicode format, as it can handle any language.

Last but not least, it is possible to paste custom text from the Clipboard and save it to a custom location using the iPod notes format. However, this feature can only handle up to 500 lines of text, while the other conversion modes do not have a size limit.

iPod Notes Creator does not put a strain on the computer’s performance as it uses a small amount of CPU and memory in order to function properly. Tasks are going to be completed in a timely manner and the interface is quite intuitive.

All things considered, it is safe to say this application is efficient. It did not pop any errors or freeze in our tests, yet it could use more work in the looks department.