Nowadays, everything is remotely controlled. Whether you own a TV, a stereo, a projector or an air conditioner, every appliance has a remote control that lets you command the device from a distance.

IRCommand2 is a software application that allows you to create a command interface for most handheld remote controlled devices, then control their actions from your computer. You need an IR (infrared) interface "dongle" to control devices that respond to an infrared remote, as well as a X10 interface "dongle" in order to control lights and appliances that use the power lines in your home.

The program helps you create a control interface for a variety of remotely controlled devices, then handle them from your computer. You can customize buttons by binding keyboard for each command. Furthermore, you can create multiple interfaces, each for a specific device. Buttons can be custom named, a very useful feature for creating detailed descriptions for hard-to-understand acronyms.

In addition, you can configure a web interface that can interact with IRCommand2 from most web browsers, even those accessed from iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. This way, you can control any appliance with your mobile phone from the comfort of your bed, without having to operate from your computer.

Besides remote control, the application can be used as a base environment for creating a home automation system.

IRCommand2 allows you to control your home or office appliances directly from your computer or mobile phone, without having to use remotes for each of them.

You can create an “universal remote” for every device, without having to program a physical device. The program helps you increase your comfort level and productivity, along with your understanding on how remotely controlled appliances receive commands from their physical devices.