With the surge in smartphones available for purchase, a similar increase in demand for all tools related to data recovery from mobile devices has been seen. These tools are essential in recovering lost data or files that have been accidentally erased through various mechanisms (virus attacks, system updates or factory settings resets).

iReparo for Android is such a tool and it specifically targets devices running the Android operating system. With it, users can scan their devices and attempt to recover lost or deleted data. One of the great features present in this application is the ability to select which items to scan for. Since the phone's memory can contain thousands of deleted entries, this is a very powerful feature and users are well-advised to employ to filter results and reduce the scan-time.

Before any analysis is performed, one should note that the application requires the mobile device to be rooted. If this is not the case, it will attempt to root it automatically. Users who do not wish for this operation to be performed on their device should rely on other programs.

The application features a very clean and welcoming interface, as navigation is performed exclusively through buttons. The main window allows users to choose between three categories of supported items: "Multimedia", "Database" (e.g. contacts or call logs) and "WhatsApp" (messages or attachments).

Once an item has been picked, the program will automatically scan the device and return all the entries found during the analysis. It should be noted that users are free to define file-type exclusion filters for multimedia documents. This is a great method of singling out certain documents (e.g. MP3s).

To conclude, iReparo for Android is a great tool for anyone who owns an Android mobile device and wants a data recovery utility.