Iris Mini is a tiny utility designed for users who need to spend hours in front of the computer and who might need a certain level of protection from the bright colors displayed by their monitor.

The installation entails that you authorize the application to make modifications to the Windows registries that are responsible for the monitor display settings. Afterwards, you are required to reboot your computer in order for the changes to take effect and you can access the app from the system trray.

You should know that the utility does not come with a configuration window usually found in a graphical interface and that all modifications can be made by right-clicking on the icon to switch between its three modes. All changes made are done automatically, as the idea behind the utility is to modify the display brightness without PWM flickering.

It is worth mentioning that the application comes with three modes, namely "Automatic", "Manual" and "Paused". The modes are set to change the display to specific parameters that cause less strain on your eyes.

Therefore, "Automatic" modifies the day color temperature to 6500k and 3400K during the night. While the brightness is kept to 100% during the day, it drops to 80% during the night. For "Manual", the parameters include 3400k and 80% brightness all the time.

As the name suggests, "Pause" disables the app and does not apply any changes. You can recognize the modes based on the color of the icon, so "Paused" turns it to yellow, while the "Automatic" and "Manual" modifies it to light and respectively, dark blue.

If you are regularly spending a lot of time in front of the computer, during the night and day, then you should know that the bright lights emitted by the monitor can cause eye strain. Iris Mini is a tool that can adapt the brightness and colors so that they are easier on your eyes and prevent eye strain in the long run.