In the early days of learning English, figuring out irregular verbs could be quite a challenge, especially considering that there are no actual rules to follow, and you actually have no option but to memorize them.

Irregular English Verbs is a simplistic piece of software that lends you a helping hand in this regard by providing you with a series of basic resources you may find useful when trying to learn and practice.

Once the program is up and running, you can see a plain but approachable user interface that lets you select either a learning or a practice mode as well as indicate the verbs you want to work on. You can choose one of the classes grouped alphabetically or to take your chances with a random selection.

Note that, before starting to work on your language skills, you may want to create a user in order to keep track of your progress and easily identify your weak points. To be more specific, when in test mode, the application can keep on asking you questions that you have not answered correctly.

Practicing irregular verbs is pretty simple. Set of 10 verbs are shown along with their pronunciation, which really comes in handy. Besides, in test mode, you are asked to fill in the past and participle forms of each word in part.

In case you come up with a wrong answer, a correction is made, but unfortunately, you cannot skip questions if you need some extra time to figure them out.

As you can see, while program’s applicability cannot be contested, its capabilities are quite modest, and only novices could find it interesting. It did work seamlessly during our tests, but the truth is this is the kind of tool that loses it appeal quite quickly as once you learn by heart all the 150 verbs, there is no way it could make itself useful.